Breakfast From 7.30 to 10.30 AM

Regular Breakfast                              5.99

2 Eggs, Sausage, Ham or Bacon, Grits or Hash Brown, Toast, Jelly

Medium Breakfast                             6.99

2 Eggs, Fried Fish (whiting) or 2 Pork chops, grits or Hash Brown, toast, Jelly

Big Breakfast                                    7.99

4 Eggs, Big Ham Steak Special or Steak, 4 Toasts, Grits or Hash Brown, Jelly                                                                                 

French toast Breakfast                      5.99

French toast, 2 Eggs, Sausage, Bacon or Ham

Western Omelet                                6.99

With onions and peppers and Ham


Eggs with bacon, Ham or Sausage on Toast    5.99

With Cheese                                      6.49

On Cuban add                                   0.40

B.L.T.                                                4.99         

Eggs on Toast                                  2.99         

Add 0.50 ob Cuban Bread

Cuban Toast w/ Butter                       1.99          

Cuban Cheese Toast                         2.99

White Toast                                       0.99

Lunch from 10.30 to 4.00

All meals come w/ 2 sides of, Yellow rice, White Rice, Black Beans, French fries or Cole slaw and bread


2 Pcs fried Chicken Meal                             6.99            0.00.

2 Pcs Baked Chicken Meal                         6.99            0.00.

4 Pcs Fried Chicken meal                            7.99            0.00

4 Pcs baked Chicken meal                          7.99            0.00

Grilled Chicken                                               7.99

With onions and peppers

Steak Tip                                                         7.99

With onions and peppers

Palomilla Steak Dinner                                8.99

Served with grilled Onions

Roast Pork Cuban                                        7.99

With grilled onions

Pork Chops (2)                                          7.99

Fried Pork chops, breaded and seasoned

Grouper Dinner                                            8.99

Breaded Grouper fillets

Tilapia Dinner                                               8.99

Breaded Tilapia Fillets

Grilled Liver with onions and Peppers   6.99

Specials Lunch

Spaghetti with meat sauce                      5.99

Served with Cuban Toast

Tossed House Salad                                3.99   

Add Grilled Chicken, Ham or Turkey for only…………………………………………..2.99   


On Cuban Bread

Regular Cuban                                                5.99

Large Cuban                                                    6.99

Smoked Turkey Breast                                   6.99

Steak Tip w/ Onions and Peppers                 6.99

Grilled Steak Sandwich                                  7.99

Grilled Chicken w/ onions and peppers       6.99                                          

Roast Pork Cuban                                           6.99

Add Cheese .................................................0.50

On Roll, white or wheat bread

Grouper Sandwich                                           6.99

Tilapia Sandwich                                              6.99 

Fried Pork Chop                                               5.99

Ham and Cheese                                             4.99

Grilled Cheese                                                  2.99

Cheeseburger                                                   5.49 

Hamburger                                                       4.99

Add 0.50 for Cuban Bread

Cheese may be added to any sandwich for 0.50, all sandwiches come w/ Mayonnaise, Lettuce, Tomatoes and pressed upon request